This June, stand in solidarity with the people at the centre of some of the greatest humanitarian crises of our generation.


Children and families in crisis zones are among the most vulnerable individuals in the world.



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What if you had to live out of your backpack?

Get ready for the most intense Famine Camp experience yet.

Refugees are often driven from their homelands bearing nothing but what little they can carry on their backs.

Take on the Backpack Challenge and see how well you fare as you live off the bare essentials on your back.

Fast for 30 hours to remember those who have to go without food, water, shelter, and security for much longer than 30 hours.

Learn about World Vision’s work at the forefront of humanitarian crisis management and sustainable development, and find out how you can help.

Pack your bags for a race against time.
This isn’t just any camp.

Now’s the time to get schooled up on how you can make a difference in the lives of millions of children affected by conflict, insecurity and natural disasters around the world.

Grab your friends and form a team to complete a series of Amazing Race stations with a humanitarian twist.

Be part of an unfolding journey that brings you closer to the struggles of vulnerable communities as you receive notifications of ‘live’ challenges through your phone.

Wrap up your epic camp experience by contributing to a record-breaking advocacy effort.

Special Guest

Matthew Scott serves as Director of Fragile Contexts & Peacebuilding at World Vision International and is currently based in Toronto. He has 20 years of experience in the non-profit sector, and had led programmes and campaigns on disability issues, disarmament, child rights, humanitarian affairs, religious freedom, and peace & security. He has addressed the UN Security Council on humanitarian themes and campaigned for the rights of children in fragile contexts at the World Bank and the European Union. He has lived in 9 countries and travelled to 54 (!) for work, with a focus on fragile contexts such as Congo, South Sudan, Burundi, Honduras, and Myanmar. He studied Social Ethics at Yale and has a deep personal passion for ending poverty and violent conflict.

Matt will be joining us at a special campfire segment on the first night of the Famine Camp. He will be speaking about his experience of working in conflict zones, and with communities striving to recover from the impact of violence and insecurity. He will also be sharing first-hand accounts of what it’s been like to work with inspiring students and youth leaders around the world, who are part of communities affected by conflict, but have emerged as peacebuilders by turning their struggles into sources of strength.

Annette Lee, who is also known as "Sue Ann" from SGAG, is a singer-songwriter who writes about the human condition, and finds honesty and hope in her reveries. Inspired by both acoustic and electronic sounds, she has released her debut 5-song EP, "All Our Achilles Heels" in September 2017, produced by Scott Cash and Ed Cash. Apart from making music, Annette is also a filmmaker, and is the lead writer and director (and sometimes actor) at local media page SGAG.

Catch Annette perform live at our 30 Hour Famine Concert on day 2 of the camp!

Matthew Scott

Annette Lee


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